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We envision a world where people know what they stand for, do what they love and aim for what they want in life.
Crafting orientation in a world of change - our calling is to help others find theirs.

We are committed to support and foster education - especially of young professionals and curious minds.

Our consulting work is grounded in solid theoretical knowledge translated into practice to ensure sustainable change, through strategies that allow our customers to be true to their principles and values and successful in achieving their goals, making use of our financial freedom and independence to remain leading edge curators of organisational change and personal growth.

We co-create quality products which help our customers navigate complex situations, making sure to deliver high quality services and products by listening to our customers and network partners.

We do so by:
inspiring those we work with and for
staying curious and open
focusing on knowledge with impact
appreciating beauty and excellence
working in collaborative spaces that bring together people from diverse backgrounds

We believe that it is vital to approach life with a fresh mind and open heart to transform ourselves into playful, inspirational contemplatives in action. This allows us to discover new ways of learning and to never stop refining and adjusting our approaches.
creative careers ['create your own path' ] is a down-to-earth, globally active consulting network of graduated psychologists, systemic consultants and business managers. We are specialists in the fields of executive coaching, assessing people and organisational as well as career development.
Ingo Hock
Founder and managing director

Leadership. Consulting. Development
Ingo builds on his wealth of professional international experience, his great desire for exploring the world within and without, continous learning broadening his in-depth knowledge and skills, trained through personal experience and practice. His clients think highly of his respectful yet direct openness, his sovereignty and his ability to grasp problems while focusing on solutions and making things happen by turning thoughts into action. Through his intuitive understanding, creativeness and flexiblity, he quickly succeeds in adjusting to people from different backgrounds, various situations and his customers' needs and expectations. Recharging his energy, every once in a while he spends time trekking the mountains, surfing the Aegean Sea or spending a week reflecting in a monastery. Ingo has studied psychology, educational science as well as English language and literature. He is a certified Design Thinking Coach (IOEE) and has various additional qualifications including organisational development and systemic coaching (SG). He is author of a book on leadership and coaching.
Christine Hock
managing partner

Assessment. Coaching. Concept design
Christine started her career as an HR-specialist for a leading international law firm. A graduated psychologist and systemic consultant, she draws from a wide methodical background. She is resourceful and goal-oriented while professionally focused on achieving clear and practical results. Her sure feeling combined with her analytical skills prepare her for the various needs and wishes of organizations and individuals to develop customized products and solutions.
Organisational and Team Development
Craftsmanship in changing environments

If you can feel it. If you can think it. You can do it
Orientation in a complex world
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

We act in a space defined by principles and lead based on values. We know that we need to practice what we teach in order to become down to earth toolsetters and consulting craftsman. Leading in dynamic environments is about managing the gaps not telling people what to do. It is about connecting the dots and flexibly reaching goals, while planning what can be planned. It is about enabling and supporting your people and getting barriers out of their way to allow high performance to happen. Our job is supporting you to solve specific problems: one usually different from the other. No prefabricated answers. In these changing times we often only reach our goals by planning what we can while at the same time flexibly steering our strategies through unknown waters. Ideation under pressure is what is required: challenging questions, sound suggestions, innovative ideas that foster solutions. Problem solved? The answer is our feedback.
Development Experts
The first step in developing your people is assessing them.
Management Audits and Developement Centers
Our service spectrum includes the complete personnel selection process - from general strategical guidance to the conception and realization of concrete assessments. We also offer to train your internal staff or guide your assessments and help you come to valid decisions. Our long-year, practical experience in diagnostic, ranges from skilled workers to executive managers. We work with practice-tested, scientifically sound, diagnostical methods and psychometric tests that are specifically adjusted for the needs of our customers to find the best fit.
It has become an essential part of living a full life, to keep your eyes and mind open for opportunities in your own professional environment. Coaching helps you doing just that.
We respect You.
"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
Max Planck
Engage your potentials - it's your choice!

We understand coaching as an equal rights partnership that actively accompanies you in realizing your individual potential by claryfing your personal ambitions, unlocking your unique talents and by unfolding your vision. During the process of intensive listening and focused questioning as well as behaviour based feedbacks, we define, together with you, clear and meaningful goals that help you to achieve your targets.
Coaching is also empowerment - it sharpens your perception, especially for your own strengths, but also for relevant development areas. Coaching means to take time for your personal development.
This gives you the chance to develop stability and flexibility in yourself, so that the best options can be discovered and necessary decisions made with self-confidence. With this in mind, coaching adds increased value and performance to your life and career.
Coaching is a valuable contribution to lifelong learning and self-reflection. In the end, coaching aims at surmounting barriers, emphasizing your own responsibility, strengthening self-esteem and mastering job demands.

What kind of lifestyle do you really want?
Eventful. Informational. Practice-oriented
custom. made
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Our experienced trainers can choose from a vast number of methods and flexibly use them in various workshop settings. Besides theoretical, research based inputs, our focus is behaviour-oriented and interactive, since the greatest aim of education (Bildung) is not knowledge but action.
Our workshops and trainings on leadership, communication, conflict and team development, motivate and challenge participants in a respectful and open atmosphere. Participants are given the opportunity to apply and improve what they have learned. We adapt each training to the needs and goals of our customers and participants. That is why we receive feedback of a high learning success with notable effects on everyday work.
The core of developing people
Quality. Assessment. Tool
Kairos - high precision Competency Compass
"We can develop solutions for almost everything - but 'fishing' is up to you."

You must know what you are looking for, before you can find it. Kairos enables you to quickly and precisely create competency-based requirements for vacant positions. On top it supports you with interview guides among other necessary documents.

In the future, more and more business teams as well as school principals and their teams will choose their personnel on their own authority. At the same time, the work load of those teams and school principals will most likely increase. Through specially developed assessment products for small businesses and the educational field, we are able to support you in making high-quality and time-saving choices while increasing the objectiveness of your selection process.
YourWay - create your career
Prepare. Practice. Realize
"Either you run the day or the day runs you." Jim Rohn

We help you connecting the dots to find what you really long to do, based on your individual aspirations, dreams and goals, bridging the gap between who you see yourself to be right now and your own true potential. Living your life YourWay, means to be engaged in and enthused by what you do, to lead an inspired, self-determined and independent life. It asks you to make decisions, to set your career course and to start creating your life. We support you in shaping a future based on what you do best - a future where one size does not fit all. Be the person you want to be and put words into works. Think of possibilities. Become aware of opportunities. Make it count and create your own meaningful way.
Contemplation in action

Peak performance. meets self-reflection
"Arrange whatever pieces come your way." Virginia Woolfe

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Among our customers are many leading international companies as well as mid-size businesses and academic institutions.

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Banks and Financial Institutions
Consultancies and Training Institutes
Consumer and Durable Goods
Food and Beverages
Foreign Aid
Industrial Goods
Schools and Academia
Transport and Logistics
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"Life is an adventure, dare it!" Mother Theresa
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